Conflict Consulting Sessions

Something you’d like to change?

I've worked with people going through break-ups, creative blocks, anxieties, depression, shame, and more. Interestingly, the beginning issues many times are just a signal for something potentially deeper, as societal terms like depression and creative blocks don’t always encompass what’s really going on. So my sessions are a bit more individual, really taking a look and understanding an issue and helping you figure out your way towards a better everyday life. I’ve also found that once you have yourself an insight into your conflict, patterns, or life in general, I like to work on how you can actually apply that to your daily life rather than just sit with an insight that fades into longing for answers again.

I've studied meditation for six years, conflict for three, and have a genuine interest in doing this work, because I've gone from freaking out and choosing to admit myself to a mental hospital to now running this business, being a paid artist, and having a stable mood despite a bipolar diagnosis. I explore and challenge myself daily, from parts I hate to parts I enjoy, and because of that I've sort of run a gambit on how a rocky internal world can create a rocky external world as well, and how working on the inside can make the outside mimic that improvement.

Stylistically, we work with where you’re at. Although I’ve studied many techniques, I don't stick to them. I might try one, I might not, but I'm more interested in helping you figure out your conflict versus framing you with techniques or things that don’t apply or that will fade shortly after the end of our session.

If you’d like to talk, email me at, and we can set up a time.

I charge $90/hr for in person, video chat, or phone sessions.