Meditation Sessions

I've been meditating for seven years, exploring many different techniques, styles, and vibes and have now landed on an experiential way of meditating inspired by the combination of nature and the human movements of everyday life. If you’re interested in sitting with me, email me at, and we can set up a 10 minute call to see if we’re a good fit.

I teach in a way that is somewhat bare bones, as to hopefully get somebody to set up meditative shop within, rather than me attempting to take the reigns of their psychology. This is how I learned early on and am happy I did.

A deeper look:

Sessions can be as simple as setting a timer and having whoever is in the room find themselves in their own way, seated with eyes closed. This way, the person can be in the room with a dedicated and experienced meditator, yet develop their own way of understanding and dealing with their internal world. I’m available for questions as well, although recently a student of mine said she felt “peaceful” by the end of our sit without me really having to say much, convincing me that it is possible to learn effectively and selectively while just sitting in silence together.

I also don’t trade turbulence for technique. I embrace the turbulence when necessary. I feel pain when there is pain, joy when there is joy, and everything in between. I challenge myself to keep evolving my insides, which has helped me stop drinking alcohol, get in shape, sleep better, create more meaningful relationships, and have a better idea of how my internal world works, from how I should adhere to how I can change. Meditation has long been taught as something separate than the chaos of having thoughts and feelings and living in a challenging world. I’m much more interested and have had much better results just sitting with what's happening. This divorces me from holding onto a teacher or app or technique, and it keeps my meditation fresh. I never know what is going to come up.

In essence, I’m not such a master in serenity, joy, having no shame, or whatever the self-help world seems to sell that day. I’m a master in “I meditate daily for 45 minutes, have been sitting consistently for 7 years, and am proud of where I’m at.” I have had great results, but those aren’t promised, because what seems to work best is when your results and desires get unearthed through your own sits, which means more grounded clarity and doing things that are right for you, and not meditating for someone else’s already set results.